Frequently Asked Questions

If I subscribe, am I locked into the subscription for a certain number of months?
You are not locked in for any number of months. You may cancel any month and end your subscription.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time - email us at to let us know you want to cancel. We are working on making this process much easier, including the ability to pause subscriptions. If you've already been billed for the upcoming beer box you'll still be able to collect your next beer box, and then we're done. Though, we hope there's a sequel.
Do I have to be a Beer Club subscriber to purchase delicious craft beer from the Birks Cinema?
Absolutely not! But you do need to be of legal drinking age in Scotland to purchase delicious craft beer from the Birks Cinema. Beers can be purchased during the Birks Cinema's standard opening hours.
Can anyone become a Birks Cinema Beer Club subscriber?
Anyone of legal drinking age in Scotland is welcome to subscribe. We will verify your age when collecting your beers. Be aware that as a subscriber you are responsible for collecting your monthly beer box so we don't recommend subscribing if you live in a place that prevents you from being able to collect your beer box in Aberfeldy. Like a galaxy, far, far, away.
Can I become a subscriber on the spot to take advantage of the 20% discount?
Yes, you can subscribe on this site, right now, and immediately take advantage of the 20% discount. You will be charged the monthly fee and receive an email receipt which entitles you to the 20% discount. Once you're subscribed you can immediately take advantage of the 20% discount. Your first beer box will be available at the start of the next month.
Can I find out what's in the next beer box in advance?
Are you the type of person who likes to spoil the ending of a great film... We may provide some clues, but we won't divulge the final beer box lineup until the very end.
Can I pick the beers or specify the styles in my Beer Box?
The Birks Cinema Beer Club is about discovering new beers and styles. We try to pick styles most of our subscribers will enjoy, but will also include some unique beers from time to time. Every subscribers receives the same beers so we're unable to customise the individual Beer Boxes.
Can my friend collect my beer box?
Yes, but your friend better be trustworthy. If they bring you a box of Heineken, be suspicious. Your friend will need your most recent Receipt # (from the previous month) to verify you've given them permission to collect your box.
What happens if I don't collect my box in a timely manner?
We ask you try to collect your box within 2 weeks. If you neglect such fine beer for longer than 2 weeks we may find a new home for it.
How does the Beer Club relate to the Birks Cinema?
The Beer Club is funded entirely by sales from the Birks Cinema Cafe Bar. No donations to The Birks Cinema Trust go toward this initiative. All profits from the Beer Club go back into the cinema and community.

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