The Birks Craft Beer Club

Explore new beers, breweries, and styles with a monthly subscription to the Birks Cinema Beer Club. Each month you'll receive 4-6 different 440ml beers (with at least 1 Scottish beer), a 20% discount on additional beer purchased at the Birks Cinema, and more.

£16 /month

Beer Club Subscription Benefits

All profit from the Beer Club remains within our Perthshire community.

Beer, bottle, pack, package, wine, six pack_14-6 Exceptional Beers Every Month

We strive for only the best - no flops or re-runs here. Every month you receive 4-6 different top-notch craft beers, ranging from local independents to international hits, across a variety of genres.

20% Discount on Craft Beer Purchases

Subscribers receive a 20% discount on purchases from our rotating selection of craft beers available in the Birks Cinema. Sit-in and enjoy a beer & movie, or take it away and enjoy it wherever you please.

Scotland FlagSupport Scottish Brewers

Some of the best beers in the world come from right here in Scotland. Every box features at least 1 (and usually more) beer from a Scottish brewery.

feedback, review, responseBeer Director, and Critic

As a subscriber your input matters - let us know what you think of the beers, and make recommendations on the styles and breweries we stock in the monthly box and our rotating selection.

£16 /month

How the Beer Club Works

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    Join the Club

    Subscribe and receive a beer box containing 4-6 superb craft beers every month, plus a 20% discount on additional purchases on craft beer from the Birks Cinema.

    While anyone (of legal age, of course) can purchase beers from the Birks Cinema, only subscribers receive the monthly beer box AND a 20% discount on craft beers.

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    Get Notified

    We email you when your beer box is ready to collect - typically around the 3rd-5th of each month.

    The monthly email contains info on each beer, along with a curated list of recommended film pairings.

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    Collect your Beer Box

    Collect your beer box from the Birks Cinema reception/bar.

    When you collect your beer box, or any time the Cinema is open, take a look at our rotating selection of craft beers and make the most of your 20% discount.

...aaaaand Action!

Enjoy the beers and tell us your favourites. As a subscriber of the Birks Cinema Beer Club your input helps decide which breweries, beers, and styles we stock.

More Questions? View our FAQs.

Become a Beer Club Subscriber

Anyone can purchase beer from the Beer Club, but subscribers receive a 20% discount on all beer purchases, and a monthly Beer Box containing a selection of craft beers.

All profit from the Beer Club remains within our Perthshire community.

£16 /month

  • A box of 4-6 first-rate craft beers each month
  • 20% discount on additional craft beers
The Next Beer Club Box

What's in the box? Much like we don't spoil the ending of a great film, the beer box selections are secret until the end. We can say each month's box will follow a theme, and always include top-notch beers.

Subscribe By
30th April, 11:59 pm
Beer Pickup
Early May (~ 26 days)

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Other Ways to Enjoy Beer at the Birks Cinema


We stock a fresh selection of craft beers from Scotland and beyond, chilled and ready for takeaway. Check our beer list for our current selection.


The Birks Cinema is a great place to enjoy a craft beer while watching a film, or with friends & family in our community Café Bar.

Our Beer Community

Join us online, share what you think of the beers, and help grow our community.


Follow us on Untappd for updates on new beers, and rate your beers so we know what you liked (or didn't like).

And don't forget to set your check-in location and/or purchased location to the Birks Cinema.

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Use #birkscinemabeerclub or look for @birkscinemabeerclub anywhere on the web.