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We stock a fresh selection of craft beers from Scotland and beyond, chilled and ready for takeaway. Check our beer list for our current selection.


The Birks Cinema is a great place to enjoy a craft beer while watching a film, or with friends & family in our community Café Bar.


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What's in the box? Much like we don't spoil the ending of a great film, the beer box selections are secret until the end. We can say each month's box will follow a theme, and always include top-notch beers.

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Even we're envious of the person receiving this delivery of beer. Lots of great options in there including 71 Brewing, Cloudwater, Brass Castle, Windswept, 6° North, and lots more.

#beerdelivery #shoplocal #supportlocal
Outstanding weather this weekend, hope you were able to get out and enjoy it. In other great news the April Beer Box is here - a selection of light and bright beers to celebrate spring. 3 beers from Brew By Numbers -  a lager, pale ale, and IPA. A session IPA by Full Circle Brew Co, and pilsner from 71 Brewing.

In past months we've usually had a Scottish beer (or even all Scottish beers) and we've decided to include at least 1 Scottish beer in every month’s box going forward.

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Mountaintop beers are the best, especially a refreshing, sessionable IPA. Carried this one up 4 munros yesterday and enjoyed it on the final peak. Beer, sun, and mountains - can't beat it.
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We’re looking for a motivated, entrepreneurial Café Bar Manager. Great opportunity to help define  and drive the new vision of the catering side of the Birks. If you, or someone you know, would be a great fit head over to BirksCinema.co.uk/careers for more details and to apply.
Growlers - do you own one, and do you want to fill it with great beer?

We’re looking into growler-fill Fridays - fresh, new beer(s) each week - using your own reusable growlers for minimal waste, at a great price. 

#craftbeer #growlerstation #growlerfill #takeawaybeer #reducereuserecycle #freshbeer
There’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp Pilsner after a weekend of adventures. Fingers crossed our summer is filled with many more days like this. 

#birkscinemabeerclub #craftbeer #scottishbeer #earnyourbeer #summitbeer #craftpilsner
Something a bit different (and perfect for weekdays): No-alcohol beers from Coast Beer Co (Edinburgh). These aren't your typical thin, flavourless NA beers. These taste, smell, and feel like beer. And dare we say it, like good beer too (if you like an IPA).

Send us an email at beerclub@birkscinema.co.uk if you'd like to pick up a few in Aberfeldy.
Beer Club deliveries started going out today with some subscribers receiving both January and February boxes at once. The lineup from January is 4 superb beers from 71 Brewing in Dundee. 3 of them 7%+ ABV, so drink with care.