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Another scorcher out there today. Thankfully we have some refreshing 71 Lager in the fridge at the Birks Cinema. A crisp, golden Pilsner lager with a perfect balance of rich malt sweetness and bitterness. 

#scottishcraftbeer #scotlandcraftbeer #birkscinemabeerclub #pilsnerbeer #refreshingbeer
It’s like one of those movies with lots of intertwining plot lines - Snatch, Pulp Fiction, etc - a bit of fruit, some tart, and then some barrel-aged goodness. Surprisingly it all comes together at the end to make a great beer. If you’re a fan of tart beers, or looking to try your first, put Light on the Other Side on your list. 

#tartbeer #scottishbeer #scotlandcraftbeer #supportlocal #communitybeer
The Beer Club June box is here 🍻 

This month the Birks Cinema is officially reopening after a very long few months of lockdown. Pubs also recently reopened and we hope everyone has had their first taste of a fresh, tasty draft pint. Not wanting to miss out on the joy of a pint, this month we've included 3 pint cans (568ml) from Arbor Ales (Bristol), and a Double New England IPA from one of our favourites, Overtone (Glasgow). Two of this month's beers are also made with Sabro hops - another of our current faves. The Arbor Ales My Little Sabrony, and Overtone Sabrosa - both made with Sabro, will give a unique creamy, coconut flavour. The other 2 beers are an American Pale Ale and Session IPA.

With the Birks Cinema reopening later this week (Friday!) subscribers will be able to pick-up their beer box in just a few days.
A few new beers from Overtone in stock this week, and they’re absolutely stellar. One in the monthly Beer Club box, and 2 more in the fridge. Pachanga (shown here) is a Double New England IPA made with heaps of oats making for a super thick beer, with flavours of melon, berries and a bit of spice. And the other is Fracture - made in collaboration with Glasgow heavy metal band Bleed From Within - also a thick, juicy Double IPA.

#birkscinemabeerclub #scottishcraftbeer #doubleipa #ddhipa #localbeershop #scotlandbeer #beerdelivery
Hard to believe but the Birks Cinema Beer Club is now 1 year old! Huge THANK YOU to all those who have subscribed or picked up a few beers from us over the past 12 months. The Beer Club is run mostly by volunteers, and 100% of profits go to the Birks Cinema. This has been immensely helpful during these difficult times, so thank you for supporting a local organisation and we hope you've had a few delicious new beers in the process.

Over the past year, Beer Club subscribers have received nearly 60 different beers from Scotland and around the UK, and even more styles and breweries were available from the Beer Fridge.

Thanks again, and cheers!!
Looking for something a bit different? Light on the Other Side is quite the character. For one, it's a sour - so different from the Pale Ale, IPA's, Pilsners and other beers we usually stock. Two, it's made with Yuzu - a citrus fruit mainly cultivated in Japan, Korea, and China. And third, it's barrel aged. All this comes together to form a slightly sour/tart beer (similar in taste to a kombucha) but with a smooth, lingering aftertaste.

Available on our website (link in our bio) with free delivery in Aberfeldy. In related news, the Birks Cinema will be reopening in just a few weeks, so you can swing in to browse and buy beers with no wait. 

#birkscinemabeerclub #sourbeer #scottishcraftbeer #localbeerdelivery #sourbeer
A really well done New England IPA - slightly hazy, smooth but with a bit of bite. This is becoming a favourite NEIPA for fans of the style. Hopped with Mosiac and Citra.

#northernirelandbeer #craftbeer #localbeerdelivery
Another of the Coast Beer Co brews we mentioned yesterday - and our personal favourite. Made with 7 grains and 7 hops - this is a beer worth tasting, especially if you've only had bad NA beers. It may be 0.0% ABV, but there's a time and place for all types of beer. 

#scottishcraftbeer #noalcoholbeer #scotlandcraftbeer #localbeerdelivery #craftnotcrapbeer