Edinburgh Gold by Stewart Brewing

Pale Ale
5% ABV - 330ml - Bottle

A new world pale ale. A gateway pale ale if you will. WBA Europe's Best Pale Ale 2011,2012, 2014. Hopped with American Amarillo the palate is dominated by a prickly grapefruit bitterness leading into a medium length cleansing finish. Eminently drinkable, and a wonderful pairing with seafood and spicy aromatic flavours, such as Thai sweet chilli prawns.

Film Pairing

Hallam Foe : The coming-of-age story of a lonely Scottish teen who runs away to Edinburgh in search of his mother. Winner of the Silver Bear award for Best Music.

Beer Details
Rating3.34 / 5 on 24/11/2020
StylePale Ale
BreweryStewart Brewing
LocationLoanhead, Scotland

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