Scottish Light by Simple Things Fermentations

Light Scottish Ale
3% ABV - 330ml

Light in alcohol content, but dark in colour and big on flavour, the Scottish Light (or 60/-) makes use of a long boil and a complex malt bill to deliver a rich and rewarding experience to the drinker. A slow and low fermentation keeps things clean, crisp and refreshing and allows the array of delicate flavours to delight the palate. This under-represented style overperforms relative to its ABV, works equally well in summer or winter and ages well, making it a great choice for the fridge and the cellar.

Film Pairing

The Vanishing : A psychological thriller starring Gerard Butler set in the Flannan Isles (west of the Outer Hebrides), loosely based on the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900.

Beer Details
StyleLight Scottish Ale
BrewerySimple Things Fermentations
LocationGlasgow, Scotland

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