Beer Box #22March 2022

There are so many great beers being produced in the UK (and especially Scotland) these days making beer selection each month a real challenge. This month we have another 5 brews from 2 breweries - Thirst Class Ale, from outside Manchester, and Simple Things Fermentations, from outside Glasgow.

First from Thirst Class is the Hopfordian IPA - a fruity IPA full of American hops - Cascade, Willamette and Simcoe. Next is Any Porter in a Storm - a traditional English Porter. Almost black in colour with intense malty and treacle aroma, this porter is sweet with notes of chocolate, liquorice and toffee. And finally Kiss My Ace - a single-hopped Sorachi Ace Pale Ale with lemon flavours and a pleasant bitter finish.

From fan-favourite Simple Things Fermentations we have the Scottish Light - light in alcohol content (3.0% ABV) but dark in colour, a slow and low fermentation keeps things clean and crisp, and allows the array of delicate malt flavours to shine. And finally a Belgian Pale - a refreshing, sessionable Belgian Pale brewed using heritage barley variety Scotch Annat, generously hopped with Chinook, Celeia and Solero.

Simple Things Fermentations

Collaborate - Belgian Pale Ale

Scotland Flag
Collaborate - Belgian Pale Ale by Simple Things Fermentations
Pale Ale - Belgian
5.5% ABV - 440ml Can
Simple Things Fermentations

Scottish Light - Seasonals

Scotland Flag
Scottish Light - Seasonals by Simple Things Fermentations
Scottish Ale
3% ABV - 440ml Can
Thirst Class Ale

Hopfordian IPA

Hopfordian IPA by Thirst Class Ale
IPA - American
6% ABV - 440ml Can
Thirst Class Ale

Any Porter In A Storm

Any Porter In A Storm by Thirst Class Ale
Porter - English
4.8% ABV - 440ml Can
Thirst Class Ale

Kiss My Ace

Kiss My Ace by Thirst Class Ale
Pale Ale - American
4% ABV - 440ml Can

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